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Sendmestems is a mixing service by Jaron van de Weg. From his first release in 2007 until today, he produced around 200 tracks under the name Noraj Cue that you can find on digital stores like Beatport. This includes original mixes, collaborations and remixes. Left aside free music, copywriters share and songs that never made it to daylight or maybe better fitting 'to the sticky dancefloor'. After these years of gathering knowledge about producing and mixing, there appeared a rising question to mix the productions of other artists. In order to answer that question, Sendmestems developed into a fulltime service.   

Previously or currently mixing the productions of artists: Genii, Mary Moon, Unders, Britta Arnold, Jose Noventa, Kora, Gab Rhome, The Soulbrothers, Maga, Bona Fide, Carita La Nina, Be Svendsen, Monality, Gulivert, Camiel Daamen, Mike Ravelli, Spaceandtime, dOP, Lev Tatarov, Signal Flow & Pattern Drama, Alvaro, Bernstein, Frezel, Strano, Oberst & Buchner, Zone+ and more.. Some productions are mixed under the roof of 'Happy Camper Records', an imprint ignited by Unders, Britta Arnold & Noraj Cue.

Image by Peter Stumpf

The most common reasons..


Sometimes the artist explaines that he/she feels the project is really almost there. But they're looking for that little extra but what is it? Is it the lack of presence in the kick? Does that snare miss a litte 'snap!' Let's find out.

In other stories, artists had been totally creative but got lost a long the way where it needs to go mix-wise. Or simply can't hear it anymore after working on it for so long. i'll mix from scrap on this one.

Deadlines. But there's a tour ahead. Need to sort music, catch a flight, sleep, eat, connect and enjoy it.

Don't worry. Just be creative. Sendmestems will add balance to your creativity.

Let me know where i may help you with.


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